Mass Media and Cyber Security in the Maritime Industry: Analysing the Threats and Prevention

Cyberspace is important to every sphere of human life or operations, including the maritime industry; there is hardly anything that can be done today without the use of cyberspace. Howbeit, it is susceptible to cybercrimes. For this reason, this study appraised the roles of cyber security in the maritime industry, and how the mass media can assist in curbing maritime cybercrimes. Survey Monkey and library methods were used to gather data for the study. For the Survey Monkey method, the questionnaire link separated through various social media platforms to the respondents made up of seafarers, maritime companies (shore-based)personnel, and selected journalists. Through the library method, guidelines and procedures published by maritime companies like Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO), Cruise Line International Association (CLIA), and International Association of Independent Tanker Owners (INTERTANCO) were analysed. The study was based on the mediamorphosis theory. Findings revealed the different vulnerabilities of maritime systems to cyber-attacks, both on-board and ashore, and also highlighted the steps being taken to address cyber security issues in the maritime domain. Equally, it was discovered that the mass media’s awareness creation level about cyber security in the maritime industry was very low. The study concluded that cyber security plays an important role, not only to the maritime industry but to other sectors as well, as with security in general there must be threats to these systems. Recommendations made include that security agencies and technical experts should cooperate to come up with procedures that will help to mitigate these threats, and that the media carry out intensive awareness campaigns to ensure that both seafarers and personnel at the shore can be aware of the dangers that a cyber-breach poses to the system.

Key Words: Cyberspace, Industry, Media, Maritime, Prevention, Security.